Seth Casteel’s Underwater Babies

By on April 4, 2015

Japan statistics point to a high incidence of death caused by drowning in the 5-year old age group.

The work of Seth Casteel, an American bestselling, self-taught photographer brings a heightened awareness to families all over the world about the importance of teaching swimming from infancy as a life skill.

His 10,000 previously unpublished shots of babies captured swimming underwater have sparked interest among parents all over the world.

1Parents are in for some shocking truth when they see the pictures. Casteel who works with schools that teach swimming to these crawling infants says, “you’re quickly set at ease when you see how well the babies react.” At school, babies are taught how to hold their breath, open their eyes, swim and float then their instinctive nature does the rest.

Casteel’s “Underwater Babies” book is an inspiring collection of 700 babies in motion beautifully captured on camera.

The hardcover book is out April 7, 2015 via

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