Bringing your pre-pregnancy body back

By on May 6, 2015

After child birth, some women turn to a quick fix by taking weight loss pills or fat burners. Japan fitness coach Jeff Libengood says, “A pill may slightly increase your metabolic rate for a time or it may suppress your appetite and you may even lose a few pounds. However, a pill alone cannot produce serious or permanent weight loss. A pill cannot deliver the same lasting results as healthy nurtrition, proper sleep and regular exercise.”
Stephanie, 35, still eats the same amount of food even a year after giving birth. She now weighs 18 kg over her normal weight and wants to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy weight as soon as possible but is not sure how to do that. Nathan Schmid, owner and Head Trainer at Club 360 recommends a balanced program combining strength and cardio training with a healthy diet to get her the results in no time. “To get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, it is imperative that she first strengthen the pelvic floor, lower abdominals and other muscles around the pelvis and back. Strengthening these structures will not only tone the area, but will ensure she can confidently ramp up the training without fear of injury,” he added.

Your action plan according to Fitness guru Jeff Libengood:

First, you must make up your mind to ‘exercise some control’ while still enjoying everything. If you really want to accomplish something, anything, you have to start with a proper mindset. From athletics, business to losing weight, success is always predicated by a positive mindset. ‘Psychology trumps physiology’… always. Though common sense doesn’t seem to be so common at times, this common sense advice will serve as a basic formula to help you ‘tighten up’ your eating choices to prevent excess weight accumulation. The last thing you want to hear is a trainer burdening you with restrictions over the holidays. Follow these 4 very simple & do-able suggestions that will certainly make a big difference in weight management. 1. Reduce refined sugar intake.
Sugar really packs on empty calories and has zero value to good health.
2. Reduce refined / processed food intake.
Lunch meats, hotdogs, sausages, bacon, canned foods, sweets are terrible, empty calories. 3. Reduce the volume of food you eat.
Don’t eat until you are stuffed. Eat 2 or 3 smaller meals rather than a huge one. And if you snack, eat the raw veggies, fruits & nuts during the days. Your body can really use them and they’re low calories.
4. Reduce your alcohol intake -
by alternating with non-alcoholic, non-sugar drinks. This immediately reduces calories and volume to half. Refined sugar and processed foods destroy health while packing on calories just as liquid calories in the form of alcoholic / sugar-laden drinks do. Refined sugar comprises about 1/8 of a typical, total diet. This isn’t including alcohol intake either. Sugar calories are empty, void of nutrition and are linked with ill-health such as diabetes, cardio-vascular and other diseases.

These simple steps will reduce hundreds of calories daily and leave you feeling much better each day. In  addition, follow a 10-minutes-a-day hybrid exercise routine of two or three exercises using stretch bands (a great stocking filler) that taxes the whole body. This, combined with the above four nutrition recommendations will keep you from gaining weight, and even put you into a great kick-start for the new year. Just as there is no such thing as getting rich quick, there is no such thing as fast, permanent weight loss. But there are measures that pay big dividends.

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