Colour your world with Fun’iki

By on May 12, 2015

Named after a Japanese word that means ambience, Fun’iki Ambient is essentially an illuminated eyewear that lets you manage time properly.
By syncing the eyewear to the smarphone via a special app, you get all your email, schedule, stock price updates and social media notification through multi colored LED lights and a built-in speaker. No need to check your smartphone all the time. Fun’iki weighs 38.5 g and is compatible only with IOS smartphones made for use in Japan. Timer, tempo, morse code modes and sound patterns are fully customizable. Release date and price unannounced.

Fun’iki was first seen at the Mobile World Congress last year. Four months later, the group turned to crowdfunding to fund the prototypes and manufacturing. It’s expected to be on sale soon.

Check here for updates.


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