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By on May 6, 2015
Despite taking antidepressants for post natal depression for six months, British mum Lindsey Sawada didn’t feel like she was back to being her happy-go-lucky self until she started taking Zumba classes.

“After stepping into my first Zumba class, I was hooked on the feel-good factor it brought to me. The 12 kilograms of weight I lost subsequently actually paled in significance to the sharpness and happiness that Zumba brought to my mind,” informs Lindsey.

Lindsey told Tokyo families that as time goes on, Zumba has led her to ‘discover more and more about herself.’

IMG_3713“The biggest initial thing that Zumba taught me was that I could heal my body and mind by myself. More recently I think it’s taught me that the exercise you take and the foods that you eat are really important but not as much as the thoughts you tell yourself everyday. Zumba has given me the best outlook on life and taught me to be kind to myself.”

From doing Zumba for 5 years every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail, Lindsey has taken her passion to a higher level when she became an instructor.

Some people have been in her class for more than two years. For those who are wondering whether Zumba may be right for them or not, Lindsey has this to say: ‘Zumba is for EVERYBODY. It’s not unusual for me to have a man in his 70s, some ladies in their 50s, some moms with babies and a toddler or two all in the same class. On Wednesday mornings, parents are welcome to bring their kids along to class, this class isn’t specifically for the children but they are most welcome to join in or have a snack and play with their toys.’

For some people who seriously want to make their bodies more flexible and be able to shake their booties and swing the hips, Lindsey’s advice is to ‘just show up to class and you’re on the path to success.’

“Nothing happens over night but with time you will see  your body begin to change and the way you see your body will begin to change too. Zumba gives your core an intense workout whilst increasing long lean muscle growth in your arms and legs,” informs Lindsey.

Lindsey’s Tips for beginners

  1. My first and most important tip is to relax.  Zumba is not a class for professional dancers.  Anything goes in my classes!  If you find your self struggling with a move. it really doesn’t matter. Maybe you’ll be better at the next move and over time, I can guarantee you that you will gain more physical and mental agility.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. If you’re nervous come with a friend, not only will you have more fun but more accountability too.
  5. In my Zumba classes, I like to encourage a ‘no judgement’ policy,. It really doesn’t matter how old you are, what size you are or what you’re wearing. Come with an open mind and be prepared to have fun.
  6. Keep smiling – your attitude about exercise will determine how much fun you have in class.
  7. Don’t overdo it – be smart about how much exercise you have done in the past and don’t push yourself too much at the beginning. Before long, you’ll be shimmying around the room like a pro!
  8. Zumba burns calories but not so many that you can go and eat a burger, fries and chocolate cake washed down with fizzy drinks after class and still expect to see positive changes in your body. Keep your indulgences in check! [/toggle]

Lindsey’s lessons are offered here:

  • NEXT AKASAKA BASE on Monday nights
    from 7:45pm to 8:45pm and
    Wednesdays from 11am-12pm and
    12:15-12:45 pm
    (Free trial class to  everyone who mentions Tokyo Families magazine. www.next-akasaka.com )
  • Movement Dance School in Shimotakaido on Tuesdays 12pm -1pm www.movement-studio.net
  • Studio AT in Shimotakaido on Fridays
    11:30 am- 12:30pm www.studioat.net

To contact her directly for questions, private classes or group lessons, check her fb page

or email her at

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