Mom lost 8 kilos in 6 weeks

By on May 6, 2015
Since arriving in Tokyo three years ago, Savanna Reid’ has been very busy adjusting to her new life.

“After I gave birth to my youngest boy, (I have three sons ), exercise took a back seat. Ever since we got here, I’ve packed on a few too many kilos mostly from eating what the boys snack on: ice cream, cakes and chips,” says Savanna.

Savanna, (whose ideal weight is 50 kg for her short 1.60m frame), did not realize that she had packed 13 extra kilos in just a span of 2 years until she did a spring cleaning.

” My clothes began to feel tighter. I had to give away most of my favorite ones,” complains Savanna.

She turned to a 10-week transformation program to help her get back to her ideal weight.

“I trained 3 x a week in the beginning. My trainer gave me a list of foods to buy complete with
instructions on calorie intake, cooking method, what to eat when. I had to cut all the unhealthy snacking completely which was the most difficult part of the program. For my weight training routine, I did treadmill, a series of lunges, arm circle, chest press, chair squats including planks.”

“Losing excess baggage is very energizing. I haven’t felt any lighter in years and I have become more conscious of the relationship between the food I eat and the food I burn. Achieving weight goal is all in the mind. It’s the mind that drives will power. I’m not getting any younger and so resistance training is good for me. For now, I still have 5 kilos to shed. I know I I will get there.”


Age: 41
Status: Housewife with 3 kids (ages 10, 6
and 3)
Weight before: 63 kg
Weight after: 55 kg
Goal: 50 kg
Training: Cardio, Yoga
Favorite snack Dark chocolates, nuts, fruits
Favorite meal Grilled chicken burrito bowl, Sushi wraps, omelets, fish

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