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By on May 6, 2015

In the last trimester of my pregnancy, I gained just 15 lbs which means my weight after labor was almost the same as it was before pregnancy. However, it does not mean I have burned calories only by doing yoga.  In fact, I also did three or four hours of walking/aerobic routines.  Yoga enabled me to enjoy it by reducing stress, which encouraged me to go out and exercise. I also found the importance of self-conditioning during the pregnancy period. Yoga has also coached me on how to take enough rest without hesitation. Most women are very good at making an effort but are seldom lacking in enough courage to release themselves from the feeling of guilt when they take a rest.  In addition, the most useful thing yoga taught me was the idea of “single tasking”.  Working women tend to embrace “multitasking” and that actually causes one to get lost in the moment.  Staying focused helped me a lot to spend every day, every moment in a controlled attentive mode.

An attentive attitude easily leads me to a state of being mindful, which encourages me to find the beauty in my surrounding.  Yoga gave me a calm and composed outlook until the day of childbirth.

Tomoko Okabe

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