9-year old American kid earns $1M a year doing what he loves

By on June 2, 2015

The rise in popularity of social media has made everyone a content creator but you wouldn’t imagine a 9-year old kid has got what it takes to pull off  a million dollar business out of what he creates.

Evan is no different from all other kids. He loves reviewing toys and shooting pictures of children. Putting his hobby to advantage eventually got him a lucrative job.  At age 9, he’s very much ahead of the game.

The hobby evolved into a $1M dollar annual income for Evan when he opened a YouTube channel in 2011, ‘EvanTube HD,’ dedicated to toy and kids stuff reviews that are out in the market. He would review 3 toys a week and record a video of it.

884 million views and 979,000 subscribers later, his YouTube channel became an instant sensation and now rakes in an annual income of $1.3M in annual advertising revenue.


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