Japan decoded: What’s in a Japanese Yogurt?

By on June 8, 2015

Keep bad bacteria out of your gut with help from Japanese yogurts.   Look out for these brands.

Everyday, thousands of bacteria are having a power play inside your gut. The bad is trying to outwit the good. You can tell who wins the fight by your immune strength. When bad bacteria wins, you experience allergies, diarrhea, inflammation, constipation, colon cancer among others. Do you know that taking antibiotics strips you of the friendly bacteria living inside your gut? The pesky bad bacteria also makes you crave for foods that are wrong for you. So what’s the solution? Probiotics.

Not all yoghurts sold in Japan contain probiotics. Some are merely a healthy alternative to high-calorie ice cream. Why probiotic remains to be the healthiest choice is backed by scientific research. The more live cultures your yoghurt cup contains, the more your immune strength is improved. Probiotics is good bacteria that the body needs to solve a number of the above health issues.

We have to give our sign of approval to Japan’s conscientious yogurt manufacturers whose continuous research efforts help improve lives. Thanks to Japan’s unyielding stance on free competition, local food manufacturers always come up with good and better products.

I used to have skin allergies, constipation, colds, inflammation, etc. until I discovered these helpful Japanese dairy cups. Making it a part of my diet has simplified the equation for me. Now, I have less trips to the doctor. Every time I hit the grocery, I make sure I stock up on any of these three brands with probiotics.

morinagaMorinaga Bihidasu
Bifidobacteria is good bacteria found in the intestines. But both good and bad bacteria are lost in people suffering from diarrhea or those taking antibiotics.
Essentially a form of lactic acid, Bifidobacteria BB536 found in Morinaga Bifidas’ 112-gram yoghurt cup helps restore friendly bacteria in the gut to power up your immune system as well as tone down your cholesterol level.
Morinaga Bifidas plain yoghurt is sold at most convenience stores.



Glico Choshoku Bifix( for breakfast)p_bifix
Most of the general bifidobacteria naturally found in the body is inferior to acid and at times lost even before it reaches the gut alive. The strong Glico-patented bifidobacteria BifiX multiplies inside the gut and penetrates more deeply to the intestines to replenish lost bacteria without losing gastric acid that your body needs to digest protein and absorb food efficiently.

Mildly sweet and also available in fat-free, blueberry, strawberry, apple, prune, aloe and mixed citrus fruits flavours.



inami-milk_0001-05-0006Hakubara 100% fresh milk yogurt with Bifis BB-12
(Bigidobacterium lactis 12)

(Thick, rich and creamy type of  yogurt)

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