This new device has just made watching TV from your smartphone or tablet possible

By on June 12, 2015

The new DX antenna will go on sale in Japan from autumn this year. By installing the DX antenna to a TV antenna outlet through a coaxial cable, you will be able to watch TV from a tablet screen or smartphone anywhere within a wi-fi environment.

Considered as the new generation of data distribution system using IPDC technology, not only households but commercial or public facilities will likewise benefit. Another important feature is receiving emergency information even before an earthquake intensifies which can be useful for schools, hotels and hospitals.

The new compact sized high speed modem requires no decoder such as MPEG-2 TS for android device users. DX antenna was exhibited at the Cable Technology Show held at the Tokyo Kokusai Forum on June 10-11 and at the Inter BEE 2014 exhibition in November last year.

Retail price: pending

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