Cool Water Parks in Tokyo

By on July 10, 2015

Get your swim wear and gears ready, round up the kids and celebrate the summer season with a huge SPLASH! Let the fun begin!





Seibu Yuenchi

Seibu poolThere are two separate swimming zones within the park: Pool Land and Hello Kitty Marchen Town

– Wave pool (150-m long, 1.2 m deep with artificial waves overlooking a garden)
– Lazy River pool (slow running water at 0.6m/sec in a 12-m wide, 500-m long and 1.0m-deep zone + splash fountains, boats and water tunnels)
– Water Slider (6 varying sliders for kids with height of 120 cm and up. Children climb at the tube and slide with or without floaties)
– Child Pool ( a round shallow 30cm-deep pool made for toddlers with colorful balls overlooking the park and ferris wheel).
– Land Aqua Hiroba

– Fireworks, Illumination

Open until Sept. 6
Tel. 042922-1371

Adults (Middle high school age and up) ¥2,800
3 years old – elementary graders ¥1,700
60 years old and up ¥1,700
(includes park entry fee, use of pool, rides, Hello Kitty Water park)

Pool + Park fee only
Adults ¥2,200
3 years old – elementary graders ¥1,200
60 years old and up ¥1,200

Coin locker
Small ¥400 Med ¥500
Large ¥600

Parking fees
One day parking (July) ¥1,300
(Aug) ¥1,500
(Sept) ¥1,300

Strollers for rent ¥500/day + refundable ¥500 deposit
Open everyday 9 am – 5pm
Closed July 6 – 10, Sept 2 and 3

– Hello Kitty Marchen Town has 2 types of 40-cm and 25-cm deep kiddie pools.

– There is a nappy changing/feeding/ rest/ play area at the Marchen Town
Open everyday 9 am – 5pm
Closed July 6 – 10, Sept 2 and 3

People with tattoos will be denied access to the park and will not get a refund.
Hello Kitty Marchen Town has 2 types of 40-cm and 25-cm deep kiddie pools separate from pools at the Pool Land.

How to get there:
by car
– Seibu Yuenchi is roughly 12 km (or 30 mins) from the Tokorozawa Interchange along the Kan’etsu Jidosha Do
– 10 km away from the Ken’ōdō Iruma I. C.

by train
Take the Seibu Ikebukuro Line (Express) up to Tokorozawa station (23 mins) – ¥340
Go to the Nishi Guchi exit and take a bus bound for ‘Seibu En’. Get off at Seibu En. Seibu Yuenchi is a 5-min walk away. On weekends, the bus takes you straight up to Seibu Yuenchi.

Rainbow Pool

Rainbow– 5 types of Kiddie swimming pools
25-cm deep, 15-cm deep, 2 60-cm deep, 30-cm deep

– Adult swimming pools
1m, 1.1m, 1.2m-deep pools

– Bicycle for rent

– Sports Area Disc golf, Petanque, Croquet, Lawn Bowls, Horse shoes, Futsal, 3 on 3

– Rental boats

– Tama Food Festa Open from Aug 13 – 16, 11 am – 6:30 pm
Hiyashi men Fair (Cold noodles fair) from July 18 – Sept 6
Open 11 am, closes an hour and a half before park’s closing time.

– Twilight Live
Park Concert by Japanese bands
Aug 1, 2, 8 & 16, 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Adults (15 years old and up) ¥2,300
Children (elementary graders – middle school age) ¥1,200
Preschoolers/Kindergartners (4 years and up) ¥300
Expectant moms ¥500
Senior (65 years and up) ¥500

Adults (15 years old and up) ¥6,200
Children (elementary graders – middle school age) ¥3,100
Preschoolers/Kindergartners (4 years and up) ¥700
Includes an unlimited use of the pool facilities, ¥100 discount when you rent a boat, free use of bicycle for 3 hours, 10% discount at the Lakeside Restaurant

Private Village

Private Village

Private Village
Pair – weekdays ¥3,100 weekends ¥4,100
Family of 4 – weekdays ¥5,200 weekends ¥6,200

Parking fees
Vans and large cars ¥1,750/day
Regular sized cars ¥820/day
Motor bike ¥ 260/day
Bike rentals
Adults (15 years old and up) ¥410 / 3-hour use (¥70 per 30-min extension) ¥520 / day
Children (middle high school age and below) ¥260 / 3-hour use (¥30 per 30-min extension) ¥310/day
(rental hours: 10:30 am – 1 hour before park closing time)
* People with tattoos (body seals included) are not allowed entry.
*Toddlers in nappies have to be in a proper swim wear to be allowed in the pool.

How to get there:
Take the JR Chuo line or Tama Toshi Mono rail up to Tachikawa station. (take Akebono exit)
Open everyday except Aug 13 & 14
Midorimachi 3173, Tachikawa city, Tokyo
Rainbow Pool is in the Showa Kinen Park


Toshimaen– Wave Pool (160-m wave pool shaped like an open shell)
– Lazy River (1.2m deep, 350m long and 8m wide pool running at 1m/sec)
– Niagara Pool (50m long, 40m wide and 0.8-1.1m deep
– Kids Pool (a shallow pool for toddlers and kindergartners that’s 25cm-50cm deep)
– Swimming Pool (50m long, 20m wide, 1.2-1.9m deep)
– Small Pool (20m long, 18m wide, 0.8-1.2m deep)
– Hydropolis (Machine-powered slide similar to an Aqua Loop where riders are dropped down from the tower and slide into a variety of cylindrical gutters and tubes in different sizes, speeds and thickness. There are three exciting types at the park: Bodyride Mountain, Innertube Hill, and Thrill Slide Tower )
– Karakuri Suikoujou (Packed with water tricks made for small children)
– Nautic Jet (Single rider accelerates speed in a free fall of 8m height landing in a pool but won’t get you wet.)
– Poolside corners (A corner to relax complete with deck chairs and parasol but are very expensive! )
– Non-water kiddie rides are also available in the park
– Restaurants (Family restaurants, Chinese restaurant, Curries, Snack corner, Barbecue)
– Shopping zone

(Pool + Admission)
Adults (middle high school age and up) ¥4,000
Children (110 cm height and up) ¥3,000
(up to 110 cm height) ¥2,000
3 years old and below FREE

Water rides
Nautic Jet ¥300/ time

Poolside Corner
Deck chairs ¥1,500 on weekdays ¥2,000 on weekends
Family 2 deck chairs and Bench/table for 4 ¥4,500 on weekdays ¥6,500 on weekends

Locker : Small ¥300, Med ¥400, Large ¥600 (+ ¥100 refundable deposit)

How to get there

– Take the Seibu Ikebukuro line from Ikebukuro bound for Toshimaen station (14 mins). The park is a minute walk from the station.
– Take Toei Oedo line from Shinjuku up to Toshimaen station. Take the A2 exit. The park is a 2-min walk from the station.
– Take the Seibu Yurakucho line from Nerima station up to Toshimaen station. The part is a minute walk from the station.

Open from 10 am – 5pm on most days and up to 6pm on some days. Check the site’s summer calendar for updates.
3-25-1 Koyama, Nerima-ku, Tokyo



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