Why edamame is good for moms

By on July 10, 2015

Edamame which literally means ‘beans on branches’ is a favorite summer snack in Japan from July – September.

By this time of the year, you will find most supermarkets selling raw and ready-to-eat edamame packs.

Not known to many, these soybeans in a pod contain Vitamin C and β- carotene, nutrients that are not found in tofu. Edamame is also a good source of:

1 Isoflavone
By helping keep your hormonal balance in check, isoflavones prevent osteoporosis and promotes skin moisture.

2 Vitamin B1
The human body needs this to effectively transform carbohydrates into energy, helping you recover from summer fatigue.

3 Methionine
When you go to an izakaya in Japan, it is common to be served a small plate of edamame in the summer. That’s because Amino Methionine acid found in these green soybeans helps to decompose alcohol in the body that
prevents formation of fat and helps neutralize toxins in the liver.

4 Folic acid
Pregnant women need at least 400 micrograms of folic acid a
day to prevent the baby’s risk for Neural Tube Defects (NTDs), a defect of the brain and spinal cord, and other defects in a baby’s mouth such as cleft lip and palate. Edamame contains Folic acid, a water-soluble vitamin.

What to look for in a fresh edamame
1) One that’s attached to the stem
2) Bean pods with hairy texture
3) Must be dark green in color
4) Bean pods must be plump

To benefit from its nutrients, note that edamame must be eaten within a couple of days.
Consumed with other protein-rich foods like eggs, meat or fish, edamame could help you boost your summer power by preventing dementia and summer heat.

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