Paying too much for English TV content? Check out better TV viewing options

By on September 10, 2015

hikariWith the rising popularity of video streaming services all over the world, the once expensive one-size-fits-all cable/satellite package is slowly losing subscribers to Video On Demand (VOD).

Hulu Japan, launched in 2013 by Nippon Television, currently offers an all-you-can-watch HD quality movies for ¥933 a month flat rate. (Current campaign: First 2 months free viewing on sign up). On Sept 2 this year, Netflix Japan joined the race offering viewers, not just one, but three subscription options: ¥650 a month for standard definition (SD), ¥950 for high definition (HD), and ¥1,450 for premium plan (tax not included).  (Current campaign: free 1 month on sign up).

Starting this fall, an even cheaper option, Amazon Prime, will be made available in Japan for ¥3,900 a year (or ¥325 a month). That’s far cheaper than renting one movie on iTunes! But what remains unknown is how the new two services compare in terms of content and sign up terms.

The VOD system saves you a trip to Tsutaya and frees you up of time. But generally, it has only movies, TV series, concerts and documentaries. Mainstream programs like sports events and news best watched in real time, are not part of the package.

Even with most information found on the internet these days, let’s face it, TV hasn’t completely lost its appeal as one of the cheapest source of entertainment, education and information for many families.

The good news is – September is a month of campaigns!  Whether you are paying for content you don’t need, or your family’s life will fall apart without English entertainment, check out the campaigns TV content providers are running to help you choose the terms with the strongest lure.  We’ve highlighted only the basic plan for ease in comparison. Check websites for channel content on offer and choose your option by September 30, 2015 if you want to get the best deal.

There are 2 ways to pipe in English channels on your TV:



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