No More Back-to-Work Dilemma: Office Clothes Rental Is Here.

By on October 6, 2015

You have grown by two to three sizes since giving birth to your baby. Or maybe, you are trying to put off a wardrobe update for a more important family expense.

Maybe, some moms have been full time housewives before deciding to join the work force so all your clothes are neither appropriate for work nor stylish enough to suit the present times. If you find yourself in any of these agonizing back-to-work dilemmas, fret not.  Air Closet’s got you covered.

Air Closet is a ‘members only’ site that rents out work clothes from its regularly updated collection.

How does it work?

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Since its soft launch in February this year, about 57,000 members have already signed up for the service. The company keeps a database of member’s body type and style preferences. It works hand in hand with a professional stylist who curates clothes and deliver it to your door based on your profile. It’s just like having a personal shopper at your beck and call. The cost of the service is ¥6,800 paid monthly (tax not included). A member has the option to buy the clothes if it looks good on her and one that she can’t part with  it after the rental term is over.


Note: Air Closet’s website is in Japanese.

A 36-year old Tokyo mom who has a hectic day-to-day schedule running a company while raising children, uses the service.

“Dressing for work is really important. But fashion always changes and I don’t have the luxury of time to shop for new clothes. Besides, it makes me happy to be able to wear different clothes that are up to date and are available for rent.”

“The box that arrived at my house is a set of black trousers and white tops tastefully coordinated by a professional stylist. With the service, I don’t need to spend time thinking of what to wear for the day.”

“If I do not like what was sent to me, I can immediately return it to them and a new coordinates will be sent to me. Cleaning and shipping fees are included in the membership so I don’t need to worry about hidden costs,” says the working mom.

“The idea of sharing wardrobes is a new lifestyle change,” says Satoshi Amanuma of Air Closet who attributes the concept to his wife.

“ On weekends when my family goes out shopping, my working wife always says she has no clothes to wear to work. The clothes she owns no longer matches the present style. With the constantly changing fashion trend, the need to update a wardrobe constantly can put a dent on the family budget,”  says Amanuma.

Air Closet collaborates with apparel manufacturers that ensures the styles are up to date. Amanuma responds to the demands of its increasing clientele by adding new brands to its collection and expanding its storage warehouse.

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