This app drains iPhone iOS 9’s battery fast

By on October 15, 2015

It is not your new iPhone’s fault but Facebook app’s.

When you use Facebook app on your iPhone iOs9, it’s automatically set to track your location through the phone’s GPS module.

According to The Mac Observer, Facebook app continues to run even if Facebook’s background activity is shut off which is responsible for 15% or 3-4 hours loss on your battery life.

With iPhone 6, a background app refresh works but the command is not honored on iOS9.

Although Facebook has not reported why it’s doing this,  the social networking giant has announced that it is working on a fix.

A security researcher, Jonathan Zdziarski found that the combined GPS and networking activities simultaneously going on in the background if you move too much, are to blame for the quick battery drain.

Until Facebook comes up with a fault-free workaround, it would be best for iOS 9 users to disable their Location Access or disable FB app. For iOS 8 users, don’t update to iOS 9 until a fix becomes available.

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