This will stop fights over the TV remote control

By on October 20, 2015

Squabbling among the kids on the control of the remote can put a stress on the family’s entertainment time.

1234567But no longer should that be an issue. Meet the solution – the new Touchjet WAVE Plus.

Touchjet WAVE Plus, the only gadget you need that’s about the size of an iPad Pro, transforms your flat screen TV or monitor into a giant touchscreen tablet. With the touch interactivity, you can download apps, play games or stream movies on TV.  Working dads and moms can work on their spreadsheets and view it on the TV screen.

WAVE is an Android Device more powerful than Apple TV that is attached to the top of your flat TV screen. The WAVE uses a state-of-the-art infrared technology that tracks finger movements as you tap across the screen. The data is sent to the WAVE’s LPU (light processing unit) which converts it into codes that the Android system can understand.


The problem is many moms would not want fingerprints on the TV screen. The Touchjet WAVE team says, “There are several solutions to this. WAVE can be used remotely via your mobile device and our companion application. Infrared technology allows you to gesture across the screen without physically putting your finger to the TV screen. There are a number of TV screen protectors on the market and TV screen cleaners. Finally, a stylus can be used in place of fingers.”


It’s a new functionality that most homes, classrooms and meeting rooms with any flat screen TV with HDMI input can use. The device works with iOS and Android mobile devices by using a remote control software.

It is a cheaper alternative to buying an actual touchscreen tv. The price starts from US$99.00 in the U.S.  Interested?  Pre-order or find out more about the product here.

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