A trip to GrinPa Land with our 6-month old baby and 3-year old son

By on February 8, 2016
By Rebecca Bond

We decided to do a day trip with our little ones, aged between 6 months and 3 years old. We set out for GrinPa Land, not really knowing what to expect but a few sledding hills and a place to have a snack.

GrinPa Land was unexpectedly large! To our delight, not only were there various snow hills, but also an ice rink, Ferris wheel, outdoor train rides, museums, a carousel, racing go-karts and a 3km long driving course. There was snow and a lot of rain for us, so fortunately, there was also a huge indoor soft play area! This is a fantastic all year round park!


In our fury of leaving the house we forgot a few essentials. We were pleased to find that gloves, hats, small to large sleighs, and anything else you may need can be purchased at a shop on the grounds just as you enter the park.

get-attachment-1After a few runs down the snow hills (on our new sleighs), we all retired to play indoors. The indoor play space was filled with dolls, Thomas® trains, infant toys, slides, a ball pond, jumping frame, and great toys for all ages! The kids had a great time. And, because it was all contained in one large area, there was no fear of loosing sight of the toddlers. A nice cup of coffee and some donuts from the adjoining café made it quite pleasant for the adults too. GrinPa Land was a great place for the whole family, not to mention a beautiful scenic drive to get there.

How to get there

Address: Shizuoka ken Susono-shi, Suyama Aza Fujiwara 2427

Phone: 055-998-1111

By train: Closest Station: Gotemba Station
Exit #: Follow signs
Lines: Tokaido Line, Gotemba line
Take Tokaido Line to Matsuda Station, change to Gotemba Line and get off at Gotemba Station.

By car: Highway name: Tomei Kosoku Doro
Exit name/#: Tomei Susono Interchange
Parking Available: Yes, whole day ¥1,000.
GrinPa Land is 20 minutes by car from the highway exit. It’s located on top of Fuji Safari Park. Look for signs.

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