Best selling baby food in Japan

By on February 23, 2016

Babies and toddlers do get hungry any time, anywhere. So if you’re out and about and packing lunch is not an option, stock up on baby food. If you don’t know where to look, take a hint from these best sellers.

Okosama LunchWafu Okosama Lunch (Kiddie meal) by Wakodo (from 12 months up) ¥796
American product

This nutrient balanced baby food for 12 months and up is the perfect meal to carry around when out and about. All it takes is a plastic spoon. It’s available in different flavors and contains two packs: 90 and 80-gram food. Available at Akachan Honpo and Amazon Japan.

Baby juiceMeiji Akachan Mura Mugi cha (barley tea for 1 month old and up) ¥1,548

Japanese parents introduce children to the habit of drinking non-carbonated drinks as early as the first month. Meiji’s baby-friendly, iron-fortified barley tea is unsweetened and uses no artificial sweetener, colouring or preservatives. The all-natural barley tea comes in a 10-pack box of 100-120 ml per pack.
Available at Akachan Honpo, pharmacies and Amazon Japan.

KewpieKewpie Sakana to Kinoko 12 months old up (Fish and mushroom)

Purveyor of mayonnaise and salad dressing in Japan, Kewpie is also a baby food manufacturer with a line of baby food in jars and packs from 7 months and up.
The Sakana to Kinoko jar has received high ratings from the Japanese community for its menu lineup, portability, taste and cost performance. Available at Akachan Honpo.



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