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By on March 14, 2016

hungry in tokyoDo you look at all of those tempting take-out menus that land in your mailbox and think, “I wish I could order take-out for dinner tonight. If only I spoke more Japanese!”

Well, there’s no quick and easy way to master Japanese, but in the meantime, this might help you…

hot mealsHow to order food for delivery:

When calling for delivery, the telephone conversation might go something like this:

Restaurant: Odenwa arigatou gozaimasu. XXXX de gozaimasu. (Thank you for calling. This is XXXX.)
You: De-li-ve-ry onegai shimasu.
(I would like to order food for delivery.)
Restaurant: Odenwa bangou kara onegai shimasu. (May I please have your phone number?) Often, your details will be listed in their computer database by phone number so the next time you order, it will be much easier.
You:  3333-3333.
Restaurant: 3333-3333 desu ne? (repeating to check)
You: Hai, so desu . (Yes, that’s right)
Restaurant: Dewa gojusho onegai shimasu. (May I have your address then?)
You: Minato-ku, Hiroo 4-1-10-201 (state the name of your ward first then district followed by your building name and apartment number.)
Restaurant: Hiroo 4-1-10-201 desu ne? (repeating to check) Mansion mei wa? (What’s the name of the apartment?)
You: Castle Hiroo.  (Pronounced kya-sue-rue hea-row-oh)
Restaurant: Onamae wa? (Your name?)
You: Smith. (Pronounced su-mi-su)
Restaurant: Dewa gochuumon onegai shimasu. (Please order now).

If the above looks too difficult, you may shorten by saying:
“Delivery onegai shimasu. Denwa 3333-3333, Juusho Hiroo 4-1-10 (spoken as yong no ichi no jew – hyphen is replaced by “no”) Castle Hiroo 201.
Namae Smith.”
And then wait to see if they have all of the details.

Here is a complete list of delivery websites in English and Japanese that you can turn to when you are hungry and have no time to cook. (It’s much easier to order when you can read the name of the item but there’s always Google Translate to help you with the task).

Be aware, most places will only deliver within a fairly small radius, so try to find places close to your home. If a shop placed a flyer in your mailbox, you’ll know that you’re within their delivery zone.

English websites
Mediterranean cuisine
American/European/Japanese/Indian/Italian/Mexican cuisines
Curries, Pastas, etc.
Pizza La
Dominos Pizza
Fried Chicken
Kentucky Fried Chicken
American style pastries and soul food                                                            Kyle’s Good Finds
Quinos (sandwich plates) Salads and sandwiches only:
Elle Cafe

Japanese websites
Fine Dine
Delivery Faith (Burgers) (burgers)
D Delivery
Pizza Hut
Park Hyatt
Deli Munchies Tokyo
Irina Delivery (Cakes and pastries only)
Dean and Deluca
Stylish Deli Tokyo
Party Every Tokyo
Fresh Deli
Bistro Catering and Deli
Conti et Mer (Sandwiches)
Kurumeshi bento delivery
Salvatore Pizza
Jojoen Korean barbecue

Tip: When ordering any delivery food with containers to be picked up later, it’s best to leave them in your building’s lobby for easy pickup later. Rinse the container roughly, and place a paper towel over the top bowl if it has no cover. Often you can request disposable containers (tsukai sute youki de onegai shimasu).


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