What happens when Japanese mom sends her 5-year old son Masaki and 2-year 10-month old Sayaka on their first errand alone?

By on March 4, 2016

Some Japanese TV programs do well not only to entertain but also to educate viewers. Thanks to YouTubers who post these clips to inform foreigners what exactly goes on in Japan.

One program called Hajimete no otsukai (the first errand) that has been running for 22 solid years on Nippon Terebi (Nippon Television), caught our attention.

Just to prove how different Japanese parenting style is compared to the West, here’s a video clip that says it all.

Mom sends Masaki and Sayaka on an errand to buy ingredients for beef stew to cook for dinner. The kids have to go to two different stores. They were also told to have a friendly chat with the vendors. The mission:
1. To buy 500 grams of meat and beef stew sauce pack at the butcher
2. To buy potatoes,celery and kiwi at the green grocer

Mom sees them off but Masaki, the son, cries. Mom worries if Masaki is up for the job. Sayaka offers big brother some encouragement. The two head off to the stores but Sayaka checks big brother if he knows the way. There were a few distractions along the way.  Will they get it right?

Watch the clip.

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