Who thinks a flip smartphone is cool? Freetel does.

By on April 23, 2016

Freetel, a small Japanese smartphone company with a big ambition to compete with the big guns of the mobile phone industry has just released its new Sim-free Musashi Android flip phone. Who uses a clunky flip phone in this age and time? Well you might be surprised that in Japan, many still do.

The Musashi has the body of a classic flip phone and the capability of a smartphone. The device has 2 4 x 4-inch screens and runs on Android 5.1 version with a 1-GB ram.

It comes with an expansion slot for up to 128 GB and a battery that lasts up to 410 minutes of uninterrupted use or 210 hours in standby mode.

¥24,800 (plus tax)
Available in gray, gold and white.

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