If you have this line on your palm, you have what it takes to be wealthy and famous.

By on May 12, 2016

You know you’ve walked past “Te saw” or palm reading booths at matsuris or narrow alleys in Tokyo but haven’t really paid attention.

Palm reading in Japan is one of the most popular ways of fortune-telling.

For many centuries, the meaning of mysterious lines on our palms have been the subject of much debate by palm readers.

Even the origins of palmistry remain unclear up to now. While some people say it started in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs, others claim it started in the Far East.

Screen shot 2016-05-21 at 8.55.57 AMFascinated by palmistry, I started my research and observation 25 years ago. Of all the lines (fate, heart, life, marriage, etc.) I examine, nothing piques my curiosity more than the Simian line. A simian line is a straight line cutting straight across the palm as seen in the photo above. Japan has a word for it – Masukake sen.  A person born with masukake sen is called a hyaku – nigiri百握り that loosely translates to someone with a ‘hundredfold grip’. Palmists in Japan believe someone born with the simian is good at amassing a huge amount of money.

In palmistry, the simian line is an auspicious sign of things to come for a person born with it. He is individualistic, eccentric, charming and a risk taker. He possesses exceptional talent and ability to attract good fortune, often, at a young age.

Ten years ago, I went to a friend’s birthday party where I was asked to read her 23-year old fiance’s palm.  He had what many palm readers call the ‘perfect crease’ on his left hand. He was a high school dropout who had made his first 10 million yen profit selling textiles at age 18.

Examples of high profile people in Japan who have this line are former Japanese Prime Ministers Kishi Fukuda and Eisaku Sato, and self-taught music composer Minoru Endo who made his first ryukoka (a fusion of enka and popular music) a hit in the 50s.
Manga artist Osamu Tezuka too has this line. His first work signaled the start of the manga craze in Japan at age 17.

At a party six years ago, a good looking Japanese teen came up to me to have his palms read. He had a deep simian line on his left hand. It was the kind of line that was so prominent you could see it from afar. I predicted he will be earning a lot of money and that it will happen not before long. Lo and behold – two years later, he did. Scouted by Watanabe entertainment at age 17, he’s now signed up to a long-term TV and movie contract. The palms I examined belong to the young man you see on Japanese TV  and movies today – Jun Shison.  He is just 21 but he remains to be one of the fastest rising stars on the local entertainment scene.

4%   of Caucasians have this line at least on one hand
13% of all Asians have this line at least on one hand

Famous people with Simian line
Hillary Clinton (politician), Tony Blair (politician), Thom Yorke (musician), Alain Delon (actor), Lauryn Hill (singer/producer/actress), Robert de Niro (actor), Lee Kwan Yew (politician), King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Rodrigo Duterte (politician), Masao Sakata (Go player), Junnosuke Yoshiyuki (writer).

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Isabelle Iwasaki is a mom and a long-term Tokyo resident. She been reading palms since 1991 as hobby.

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  1. bobby

    April 9, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    i have two identical simian lines, left and right palm, im 46 years old but i am not rich..how can i take advantage of my simian lines?