Abdominal Visceral Massage speeds up metabolic efficiency for diet success

By on June 16, 2016

Teen dieting can be done with relative ease but once you hit 40s, losing even just a kilo may seem like an uphill battle.

One of the major causes of obesity is a decline in metabolic rate. Some gain weight even if they do not eat much while others hardly lose weight despite being on a diet . The lower belly and back fat become cold and heavy. Poor blood circulation results in dry skin, heavy menstrual cramps and stiff neck that lead to chronic pains such as abdominal, back, migraines, etc.

mix-020 のコピーSo what do core, spirit and mind have to do with decline in metabolic rate , you might ask. For example, the body needs 1,100 ml of blood per minute to travel to the liver cells in order to automatically detoxify. However, poor lifestyle habits expose us to harsh environmental factors that store toxins in the body causing the process to slow down.

What might happen if the amount of blood flow that should be happening in 1 minute is stretched down to 24 hours? Stress kicks in.

aorta-vesselsThe best way we can avoid this as we age is through proper breathing. Correct nasal breathing not only pumps up the cells to produce energy and increase the metabolism, it also quiets down the nerves. Proper breathing exercises and abdominal visceral massage done at the same time will greatly speed up your metabolism. Internal muscular organs hold tension when they can not slide up and down as you breath due to hardened non-muscular organs. These non-muscular fibers in the internal organs sticking to each other could distort blood flow and mobility leading to chronic pains. Through an abdominal visceral massage, these fibers are relaxed, gradually separating adhesions that ensures not only an efficient blood circulation but also a healthier, glowing skin.

An abdominal massage pumps 5 liters of oxygenated blood into the aorta distributing it to the circulatory system. However small, little effort can cause a positive butterfly effect in the body so start now.

TAKINO copyTakino Watanabe is a massage therapist at Natural Spirit Takino , one of the few salons in Tokyo offering abdominal visceral massage to women. Natural Spirit is both a herb store and body & facial treatment salon.

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