How can you lose weight without having to give up rice? Japanese doctor has the answer.

By on August 10, 2016

Summer is when we all resolve to be healthier and shapelier. But let’s face it – giving up rice or pasta can be difficult.

Dr. Toshiro Ikeya’s newfound theory shows weight watchers don’t have to give up carbs in order to lose weight.

“Eat your cooked rice cold,” advises the author of a newly released book (in Japanese), “Shokabutsu wo tabete moyaseru! Rejisutanto Suta-chi shiki Dieto” (Eating carbs to burn calories! The Resistant Starch Theory).


Using the ‘cold cooked rice’ theory, the doctor was able to lose 12 kg. A 41-year old housewife lost 12 kg in 4 months and waistline shrunk by 13 cms. A 45-year old office lady lost 3 kg in 3 weeks eating only onigiri (Japanese rice ball).

Included in Ikeya’s book are recipes of various dishes to make cold cooked rice more appetizing.

His theory
Ikeya believes ‘Resistant Starch,’ a weight loss component present in cold rice, noodles, pasta and udon, is one of the keys to shedding off unwanted kilos.

The theory behind his claim is that eating rice hot makes the food travel to the small intestines raising the blood sugar level. But by eating it cold, the food goes to the large intestines without being digested by the small intestines in the same way dietary fibers are absorbed by our body. This causes the good bacteria to multiply around the intestinal environment  trimming down harmful substances that lead to better bowel movements.

Improves Metabolism

Resistant Starch reduces fat accumulation by increasing your metabolism.
Resistant starch being less likely absorbed than ordinary carbs, has lower calories. The food substance works in a complex synthesis suppressing the accumulation of extra fat.

Low GI
Resistant Starch is a low GI food. GI or Glycemic Index is a ranking given to food to describe the speed by which carbohydrates in food are broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. Carbohydrates raise your blood sugar level and are responsible for the release of fat-storing insulin in the body. With Resistant Starch, the blood sugar level doesn’t rise enough to cause release of insulin in the bloodstream.

Feeling full prevents overeating
Eating a cold rice bowl creates a feeling of fullness making you want to eat less.

For diet success, Dr. Ikeya offers 3 simple tips.
1) Eat only cold rice (or pasta, udon).
2) Eat in this order:  Veggies first, main dish next and rice last.
3) Cut down portion size in half when you need less carbs.
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