Melon mint summer salad

By on August 8, 2016

We all have an aunt who cooks. Mine did and this signature food was one of her most requested summer recipes. Although we’ve lost her, her spirit lives on through her recipes.  This refreshing, fruity, citrusy salad is a joy to have at family gatherings. We even snack on them by the beach in summer.

Shaping the fruits into bite-sized balls not only looks so tempting to eat, the idea is also to avoid messy eating which is good for the kids.  I guarantee you, it’s heavenly. Try it!

Here’s what you need:


Lemon, lime, spearmint leaves, watermelon, orange and green honey dew, salt and 2 tsps brown sugar.  All of the above are sold at Nissin Supermarket and approx. cost ¥1,200.


You also need a fruit scooper or melon baller sold at ¥100 stores.

Take a quarter slice each of lemon and lime, and extract the juice in a small bowl.  Add around a pinch or two of rock salt and 2 1/2 teaspoons of brown sugar.   Soak some spearmint leaves in it for 10 mins.  Set aside.

Sink a fruit scooper fully into the fruit.  Press down into the melon until the entire scoop is sunk into the flesh. (Note: If a portion of the scoop is above the melon level, you’ll end up with not-so-even sizes).  Rotate the scooper 180 degrees and put in a fruit bowl.  (Tip:  Scoop the honeydew first so that watermelon stays on top.)

When you’re done with the scooping, mix all the fruits gently and serve them in fruit bowls. Mix everything so that colors are evenly distributed. Pour a teaspoon of the  juice and voila – you have the perfect summer snack.


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