Solution to a gassy tummy

By on August 14, 2016
We’ve all experienced gas pain at some point. It’s that uncomfortable feeling when bubbles are trying to mess up our digestive system.
Although gas pain is very common in babies during the first 3 months, it rarely needs a trip to the pediatrician.  The buildup of gas pressure in his tiny intestines can cause a fussy baby to cry which leads to more gas as he swallows air.
A baby will frequently have gas pains so when it happens, give him a soothing camphor oil massage. Yes, you heard me. Camphor oil or “shono abura” (樟脳油)  in Japanese has been widely used for many generations to relieve stomach reflux in babies as well as adults. Its stimulating properties can treat circulatory problems that help expel gas from the body.
Let your baby lie flat on a bed. Pour a small amount of 100% pure camphor oil on the tummy and gently massage with soft circular strokes around the belly and chest area. Massage
Then let the baby lie belly down and gently massage from the upper back down to the  lower back just above his tailbone.


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