What’s in a Surimi?

By on September 14, 2016

This pack of 6 sticks costs ¥100 at Family mart.

Surimi means minced white fish packaged as crab meat sold at most convenient stores in Japan. It tastes like crab, it looks like crab, but it isn’t ‘the crab.’ Most importantly, it’s also cheap.

A host of ingredients are added to these fake crab sticks to look and taste like real crab meat. Here’s what a package sold at Family Mart  contains:
“Fish, egg whites, sugar, salt, crab extract, vinegar, vegetable fiber, processed starch, flavoring (amino acid etc), meniscus dye、pH control agent (controls acidity or alkalinity of food to prevent drying out), V.C. perfume, V.D.(partly contains wheat egg, soy, etc)”


While manufacturer claims that a package provides 5.0 µg of Vitamin D a day, the Consumer Agency officer of Japan has not fully evaluated its nutritional value.


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