Asakusa’s New Year’s Eve tradition

By on December 21, 2016

If you need a rest from the Christmas festivities, head to Asakusa for a bit of good old-fashioned Japanese end-of-year tradition. See the excitingly named “battledore” take place between beautifully-dressed competitors in a serene yet tense environment as the players do “battle” on the grounds of Senso-ji Temple. Competitors play “hanetsuki”, which involves hitting a vicious (not) shuttlecock with a “hagoita” raquet. Badminton was never like this! Gear up for your own match at the temple entrance from one of the many decorative stalls and buy your raquet, decorated with this year’s star celebrities, along with kites and other unique new year’s goodies.

Hagoita Festival
Sensoji Temple

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