Baby・Kid Friendly Movie Theatres in Tokyo

By on December 20, 2016

Would you take your baby to a movie in Tokyo?  The answer to that is ‘no.’

Babies cry, pee and poo that can make others uncomfortable. It’s just isn’t fair to everyone else in the movie house.

I can understand though why some parents choose to bring their baby to the cinema. For starters, the price of adult movie tickets in  Tokyo is ¥3,600 for a couple (¥1,800 per adult). That’s roughly twice the price of adult tickets in the United States or Canada. When you add up the cost of snacks and a babysitter for 2-3 hours, the amount of money you will be spending in order to relax without kids could range between ¥10,000 and ¥20,000.

If you go to these baby-friendly zones, you never have to miss the movies you want to see.

Roppongi Hills: Mama’s Club Theatre

Mama’s Club Theatre offers a baby-friendly environment that can tolerate screaming, crying or babbling babies. Dads are welcome too.

Open: One or two Thursdays in a month
Child’s Age: until 3 years old (free)
Adult ticket: ¥1,200 (plus one auxiliary seat)
Child: 3 years old and up ¥800
For screening schedule, check

  • The list of movie choices is limited to 3-4 a month.

Shinagawa Prince Cinema
The only hotel-owned cinema complex in Japan, it’s equipped with an exclusive childcare room (Dakko room) located within the cinema lobby. The Dakko room looks after babies from 3 months old. The maximum no. of children is limited to 15 at a time.
The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is also house to various family-friendly facilities: Aqua Park Shinagawa (aquarium), bowling alley, indoor golf and tennis practice areas, including restaurants.

Open: Wednesdays only (Mama Yasumi Plan)
Fees: ¥5,800 (This includes 1 Mommy ticket, drink at the cafe for 1 hour, childcare service)
Child: 3 month old babies until preschool age
Restrictions: No dads. Just moms
Dakko room (childcare services)
Where: 3rd floor Shinagawa Prince Cinema lobby
Open: 10 am – 6pm
Reservations only: Tel 03-5475-7411  Nearest station: Shinagawa station (2 mins on foot from Takanawa exit)
Address: Takanawa 4-10-30, Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Annex Tower 3F
For screening schedule,

Movix built by Hot Mama Cinema in 2008 with mommies in mind, has locations all over Japan. All Hot Mama Cinema houses are exclusive to mothers who want to see a movie with infants and young children in tow. The volume and lighting inside the theatre are especially adjusted to suit the level that children can tolerate. It is equipped with nursing and nappy change zones too. Kids can also play at the Toy plaza with stuff dolls and toys. There are two disadvantages with Movix: One – its locations are not convenient for those who live in central Tokyo; Two – only one movie is shown at a time, most likely, a Japanese film.

Open Weekdays (morning only)
Kanto: Tsukuba, Isezaki, Saitama, Misato, Hashimoto
Kinki: Kyoto
Tohoku: Rifu
Tokai: Shimizu, Miyoshi

Child: up to 3 years old ‘with 1 auxiliary seating
Fees: Adult ¥1,200 Kids (up to 3 years old) ¥800

Arterio Cinema
Arterio Cinema, located inside the Kawasaki City Art Center, is a mini theatre with just 113 seating capacity. Once or twice a month, it opens its childcare service for kids 2-5 years old manned by volunteers. The maximum no. of kids it takes is 5 so reserve early to get a spot.

Open: 1-2 x a month
Where: Arterio Cinema, 6-7-1 Manpukuji, Aso-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken Tel. 044-955-0107 (reservations only)
Fees: Adult ¥1,000 – ¥1,800
University students ¥800 – ¥1,500
Senior ¥800 – ¥1,000
Arterio Cinema members ¥1,000
High school age and below ¥500 – ¥800
* Ticket price depends on the movie.
* Kids 3 years old and below can take a seat for the same price as high schoolers.
* Student IDs reguired
* ¥1,000 applies on Cinema days only (check website)
For screening schedule, check out


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