Turn your Child’s Astrological Sign into a Party!

By on December 24, 2016

I have two kids and I am always on the lookout for new party ideas. This is especially so as they both have their birthdays at the beginning of August.

This summer, was another head scratcher until I realized how many people in our family are Leos, so why not have a astrologically themed party? Both my kids are, after all, Leos, just like me and my husband’s mother. I know it’s not an idea everyone would love, but it was a blast and I wanted to share it around a bit.

Pisces Child (20th Feb – 20th Mar)
Traits & Characteristics:  Imaginative, loving, caring, magical, intuitive and expressive.
Party ideas:  This child cares deeply for others well being. They are a sensitive little character and can easily express love and kindness.  Imagination is paramount in the world of a Pisces child and loves storytelling and daydreaming. Theatre, arts and music are welcomed at all times. Magical and mystical parties will be the ultimate get together and if you can include Unicorns, even better. Whilst planning the party, let their imagination run a little wild and try and incorporate where possible, some of their ideas.
Party themes:  Fairy Tea party, Unicorns & Rainbow party and Wizard party.

Aquarius Child (21st Jan – 19 Feb)
Traits & Characteristics:  Original, eccentric, defiant and experimental.
Party ideas:  To avoid becoming disruptive or frustrated, keep them engaged and interested. Have a quick turnaround on activities so they don’t become bored. They consistently seek appreciation and therefore, games with prizes are a good option.  They are original and will not want the same parties as the other children, look for something more individual or a classic party with a twist. An Aquarius child is a born innovator and responds better to a less regimented programme. Freedom and independence is high on the agenda so give them space to play with the other children without interruption.
Party themes:  Mad Hatters Tea Party, Crystal Maze and Science Party.

Aries Child (20th March – 20th April)
Traits & Characteristics:  Natural born leader, independent, fearless, creative and energetic.
Party ideas: The Aries child needs plenty of planned activities to keep them occupied.  They have instinctive leadership skills and will want to be involved in the direction of the party as well as their friends. So to ensure the Aries child doesn’t come across as bossy, designate them various jobs throughout the party to allow them to use their leadership skills i.e. divide the group into teams and perhaps help with judging during a competition.  They will love getting involved in the setting up on the day; this will further develop their independence and ability to prove to you that they can complete requests on their own.
Party themes: Construction, Rock Climbing and Pirates & Princesses.

Taurus Child (21st Apr – 21st May)
Traits and Characteristics: Co-operative, affectionate, indulgent, sociable and creative.
Party ideas:  A sensual child that enjoys taste, touch and new experiences, helping in the kitchen is a fabulous past time so consider food based parties. They are exceptionally creative and good with their hands. When they have finished their masterpiece they love praise but will seek appreciation more, of their creation; craft based parties work well. A lover of security and routine, they are immensely generous, with not only their time and are very humble when it comes to sharing.  Ensure you explain in detail what you have planned at the party so there are no surprises.
Party themes:  Chocolate Making party, Decoupage and Pizza Parlour party.

Gemini Child (22nd May – 21 June)
Traits and Characteristics: Quick, verbal, witty, intelligent and logical.
Party ideas:  A first class communicator that needs constant engagement – they are like butterflies, once they lose their focus, they are off onto the next more interesting activity. A Gemini child is full of high energy and is a thoroughbred chatterbox, booking a reputable children’s party entertainer will keep the party flowing at a rate where boredom won’t set in. They will want to know every minute detail of the party and then more, so keep them on board by involving them from the outset and ask them to do small jobs i.e. RSVP list which will make them they have extra responsibilities and importance.
Party themes:  Magician entertainer, Lego party and Assault Course party.

Cancer Child (22nd June – 23rd July)
Traits and Characteristics:  Kind, emotional, expressive, protective and nurturing.
Party ideas: This child is extremely sensitive and is a deep thinker. Although they relate to others, their need of family and routine is a must. If this isn’t fulfilled, they become insecure and withdraw.  Parties that have activities based around these emotions are ideal for instance, a Teddy Bear Making party where they create a lifetime friend. This type of party is more meaningful than jumping around in a ball pit.  They are also very willing and generous, so sharing comes very easily to a Cancer child. Consider parents and other family members being involved in the party so that this child has the knowledge and security that everyone has been included in the experience in some form.
Party themes:  Teddy Bear Making party, Pottery party and Friendship Bracelet party.

Leo Child (24th July – 23rd Aug)
Traits and Characteristics:  Romantic, energetic, brave, dramatic and excitable.
Party ideas: The eternal performer who consistently thrives in the spotlight. Theatre based parties are brilliant for this child, to have some form of escapism into a character and perform in front of an audience, is the ideal.  As with all actors, they require consistent recognition.  Both generous and energetic, they love getting everyone involved and are a steadfast, loyal companion. There is never a dull moment with a Leo child and they are not afraid to be themselves, no matter how silly they want to be.
Party themes: Princess & Pirate party, Alice In Wonderland and Superhero parties.

Virgo Child (24th Aug – 23rd Sep) 
Traits and Characteristics:  Critical, precise, methodical, analytical and modest.
Party ideas: This Virgo child is very choosy; their attention to detail is second to none. They don’t enjoy messy fun as they love tidiness and cleanliness, so doing activities outside of this does not sit well with them. A child that strives to please however, rejection is deep therefore; party games that are competitive are stressful.  Curious by nature means that they adore learning, exploring and enjoying new experiences. Self confidence will develop in proportion to the praise they receive and would suggest acknowledging and rewarding where possible.
Party themes: Pyjama/Slumber party, Creepy Crawly party and Cupcake Decorating party.

Libra Child (24th Sep – 23rd Oct)
Traits and Characteristics: Aesthetic, artistic, loving, co-operative, harmonious, and sociable.
Party ideas: A Libra child loves big parties and wants to invite all the children from their class, plus family and further friends. They are a very sociable character, full of fairness and honesty which is instilled within them from birth.  A lover of beauty and comfort, whilst needing consistent security and companionship, which makes big gatherings the perfect scenario.   They are very happy to include new friends and will go to every effort to ensure they feel included. Extremely charming and good natured, a Libra child is a joy to behold.
Party themes:  Circus party, Bowling party and Teddy Bear’s Picnic party.

Sagittarius Child (23rd Nov – 21st Dec)
Traits and Characteristics:   Optimistic, full of expectation, friendly, generous, indulgent,  playful, and energetic.
Party ideas: A Sagittarius child makes a great party host and guest. They are full of energy, cheerful and a delight to be around.  Forever generous with friends, they will always go the extra mile to please them and have no boundaries with sharing.  A born natural explorer in every sense of the word and enjoys parties that bring new experiences not just for themselves but also to their friends.
Party themes:  Magic party, Wild West party and Camping party.

Capricorn Child (22nd Dec – 20th Jan)
Traits and Characteristics:  Formal, responsible, serious, tenacious and committed.
Party ideas:  A Capricorn child is the most serious throughout the Zodiac.  They are absolutely focused on achieving goals and go above and beyond to reach them.  Very ambitious and thrives on competitiveness, so ‘silly’ themed parties i.e. clowns and puppets will never go down well, they would much prefer a party with an element of competition.  Whilst happy to strive for perfection, they consistently seek encouragement and appreciation for their efforts.
Party themes:  Football party, Baking party and Scavenger Hunt party.

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