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Starring Nicolas Cage, the film is based on history where the USS Indianapolis got sunk by a Japanese submarine. This leaves the crew struggling for survival where during the five days that they were stranded in the Philippine Sea, had to endure extreme conditions, as well as the ever-present threat of attacks by sharks. Expect some expletive cuss words, some gore scenes which show some graphic injuries the crew sustain when the ship sank. One of the stronger scenes shows a man floating in a raft, cradling his own severed leg with some bone and torn tissue exposed. Other scenes depict men with severed arms burning as they try to escape the sinking ship. This movie is based on the book titled “In Harm’s Way: The Sinking Of The USS Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of its Survivors” by Doug Stanton. Ages 18 + Out Jan. 7, 2017

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