Where to get a ¥2,980 an hour massage in Tokyo

By on December 16, 2016

Getting a body massage at a proper salon in Tokyo could cost anywhere between ¥8,000 – ¥12,000 an hour. The other day,  I spotted a ¥2,980 an hour massage signboard at the entrance of a narrow building right next to the Azabu Juban station. The place is called Hogushi no Tatsujin (massage experts).

Located on the 3rd floor,  Hogushi no Tatsujin is an open style room with  male and female customers all getting a massage next to each other.  Each bed is with half-open curtain partitioning and a basket on the side to for customers to put their belongings.  Masseurs were with male customers and masseuses with the women.  (See photo.)

The cost of a body massage in Tokyo doesn’t get any cheaper than this.  So if the open type setting doesn’t put you off, here are 7 easy steps on how to book an appointment. You might need to say your name, time and date in Japanese in order to fix an appointment so get that ready when you call.

Hogushi no Tatsujin (¥2,980 body massage for 60 minutes) 

1. First choose the location where you wish to have a massage. There are 56 locations all over Tokyo.
Call them by saying your name, how many people, and the duration of massage you want. Then say the date and time. Lastly, leave your tel no. Keep their phone no.  just in case you need to contact them again.
60 minutes – ¥2,980 + tax
90 minutes – ¥4,460 + tax
120 minutes – ¥5,950 + tax
2. Arrive 5 minutes before your appointed time in order not to lose the spot to someone else.
3. Let one of the staff know that you are there for your appointment.
4. Buy your ticket from a vending machine located by the entryway.
5. An attendant will immediately show you your spot. There is no need to change clothes like you would at other massage salons. Just lie down and the masseuse will cover your body with a large towel.  (Ask for a t-shirt and short pants which they provide for free  only if you have to.)
6. The massage begins.
7. The attendant alerts you when your time is up. Collect your things and leave.


• Credit cards are not accepted. Payment in cash only.
• The place gets really busy from afternoon to late hours so It’s better to get an appointment.

Hogushi no Tatsujin
Juban Annex Building 3rd floor
Azabu Juban 1-11-10,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open 10 am – 11:30 pm

Nearest station:  Azabu Juban

The building is right next to Resona bank.

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