Even old people in Japan play Pokémon Go

By on January 3, 2017

This augmented reality game that drives people to hunt down kawaii (cute) monsters in the most unreasonable places has created a stir in the gaming world.

With more people of all genders and ages getting hooked on Pokémon Go, the mobile game has become the most successful location-based reality game in the world.

JTB Research Institute recently conducted a survey on 10,000 men and women from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya with ages from 18 to 69. The study reveals that of 57.5% who play Pokémon Go, 80.1% are from 18-29 years old, 67.5% are in their 30s, and 50% in the 40s-50s age range.  33.5% of  happy Pokémon hunters are in their 60s.

(source: Mainichi News Dec. 22, 2016)

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