Cate Blanchett plays CAROL

By on February 15, 2017

CAROL will haunt you with its tale of love denied and forbidden and a woman’s quest to live authentically while facing social prejudices and bigotry that force her to make a difficult choice.

Director Todd Haynes, as always, works with a saturated, Douglas Sirk-ian palette, but its vibrancy is dimmed here by a layer of melancholy — an apt choice, given the storyline.

Blanchett and Rooney make a powerful pair, perfectly matched like a veteran duo partnering up for an intricate and challenging ballet. And as Carol’s best friend/former lover, Sarah Paulson gives a master class in grounded acting; in fact, almost everyone in the film comes across as a fully embodied person, neither caricature nor over thought character. And they’re all supported by a potently rendered, empathetic script that’s both achingly beautiful and hauntingly painful.

Age 16+ Out Feb 18

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