Caught between staying home (because it’s cold outside) and bored tots bouncing off the walls? Head off to this new indoor playground.

By on February 14, 2017

Playground 4 Kids is a new indoor play area for young children located in Shinsencho, Shibuya . Last week, I visited the place with my 3 and 4-year old sons. We went on a weekday morning and had a fun playtime. They enjoyed the inflatable slides as well as the bouldering space next to an inflatable bouncer where they jumped, tumbled and climbed to their hearts’ content.

The place is also equipped with a playhouse that little girls will love, train tables including an indoor sandbox replete with an air hose for de-sanding. Although it was not as spacious as I had hoped, I am nonetheless pleased that the place has the basic things and is just a few minutes’ walk from our Shoto apartment.

For exhausted moms (aren’t we all?) who can’t keep up with active kids, this is a good place to play especially on bad weather days. The mommy-friendly place also has separate feeding rooms and toilets with nappy changing tables including low toilet seats dedicated to little people. For germophobics who worry constantly about kids picking up bacteria or viruses with toy sharing, the manager reassured me that the facilities are constantly sanitized and the entire wood flooring is, in fact, germ-resistant.

Hours 10 am – 6 pm Daily except Fri
10 am – 7 pm Fridays
Fees: ¥1,000 child
¥ 500 adult
The place may also be rented for children’s parties anytime after 5 pm for ¥30,000

Playground 4 Kids
9th floor Konami Sports Club Shibuya
Shinsencho 18-11, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0045
Tel. 03-6452-5628

How to get there:
14 min walk from Shibuya station by JR lines (exit 3a) ;
4 min walk from Shinsen station by Keio Inokashira line (Nishi guchi exit)
By bus: Take Tokyu Bus #55 from Shibuya station and get off at ‘Todai Mae Shoto Bijitsukan iriguchi’ (Shoto Museum of Art) . The building is right across the stop.

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