Famous Tokyo Chef shares his tips for a perfect Japanese-style fried chicken

By on February 26, 2017

A master chef at ‘Sanpi Ryoron’ (Pros and Cons) , a Japanese restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo, Masahiro Kasahara is also a popular face on cooking show “Wakaki wa no kyosho” (Young Japanese Maestro).

His chicken recipe was rated 2nd most delicious in the city by Tokyo Ryori Kai (Tokyo Culinary Association).

The secret behind his best-selling Kara-age or Japanese style fried chicken is not so much about the ingredients (which are relatively basic) but more on science techniques.

He shares his secret on how to make one at home through a YouTube tutorial that has received positive reviews from foodies and more than 300,000 viewers.  We don’t want you to miss out on a great tip so we are sharing it with you in English.
1) Use chicken breast (300 grams) cut in small sizes for a delicious result. It’s important that you don’t remove the skin.
2) Put the chicken in a deep bowl.
3) Add 1/2-1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2-1 tbsp mirin and ground black pepper for flavor. You can add ginger, garlic as desired.
4) Massage chicken in marinade.
5) Set aside no longer than 5 minutes.
6) After 5 minutes, extract the liquid and transfer to a small bowl.
7) Beat an egg and pour just a half of it on the chicken.
8) Mix well.
9) Coat chicken in potato starch.
* Note that he doesn’t use corn starch and here’s why. Potato starch blends more evenly and doesn’t clump. It also gives a more neutral flavor and reacts well to frying on high temperature.
10) Then roll the chicken in a bed of potato starch.
11) In a medium deep frying pan, heat oil to 160 degrees (not higher). To know if it’s at that level, dip the chopstick in the pan. When you see tiny bubbles around the wooden chopstick, you’re good to go.
12) Put the chicken one by one in the pan. Immediately turn over the chicken to cook all sides evenly. Cook for 3 minutes and remove chicken from pan.
13) Now, raise oil temperature to 180 degrees. This is what he calls double frying technique. To know if it’s at 180, you should see tiny bubbles around the chopstick as soon as you dip it into the oil.
14) Fry the chicken one more time for about 30 secs – 1 minute. Notice the perfect sizzle from liquid boiling away from the meat. That’s the secret to a crispy chicken.
Important: To get the perfect crispy texture, it is important to remove liquid trapped inside the meat. To do this, move the chicken as it cooks for the water to vaporize and puff up.
15) Lightly fry some shishito peppers to go with your chicken.
16) Slice lemon wedges and serve.

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