By on February 15, 2017

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Word has it that Japan’s iconic pink petals will arrive early this year. Expect for the dreaded pollen grains to start floating in the air around this month.

Don’t underestimate these normally harmless airborne particles. Every year. they cause school to be missed and companies to  falter.

Hay fever, or kafunsho, occurs when your immune system overreacts to these tiny particles. A visit to the doctor will get you a pocketful of antihistamines that block the histamine receptors and thus suppress our allergic reactions. However, heavy side effects such as drowsiness are common and for once, dropping off in the classroom may be excusable.

For those with small children, Japan’s got you covered.  Here are some of the most kid-friendly medications for runny  nose, stuffy nose and sneeze that  anyone can
easily buy over the counter recommended by Dr. Takei Takeaki, Pediatric specialist at Nagomi Clinic. When in  doubt, it’s always good to ask the pharmacist
for other special conditions.

ALPEN KODOMO TEN HANA KUSURI                 (For 3-month old to 10 years old)                        Fights sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose, the dropper tip is applied directly on the child’s nostrils. It is known to have few side effects and cause less drowsy feeling.


ALPEN KODOMO TEN HANA KUSURI (For 3-month old to 10 years old) If your child hates the nose drop, then go for this kid-friendly strawberry-flavored syrup type to prevent runny nose and/or stuffy nose.


KODOMO PABRON BI EN EKI S (For 3-month old up) Stops sneezing, treats runny and stuffy nose, and itchy eyes. Pabron Bi En Eki S is a strawberry-flavored syrup that kids will love. Follow dosage instruction according to age.

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