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I took my 6-and-9-year olds to see it and I was elated that Disney (finally) put out a movie I felt was appropriate for them. Moana does a beautiful job capturing the spirit of the Polynesian people and their stories.

The movie definitely inspired me to go out and find more of these stories; I feel it’s important to educate my children about many different cultures so that they develop a sense of understanding, love, and compassion for all. I love and appreciate the gentility of the culture, the deep respect for Nature. Yes, Moana’s father gets mad and yells at her, but it eventually comes out that his anger came from a place of deep fear due to an experience he had. This movie is beautifully written and I really enjoyed the many layers to the story.

Each of the main characters had a back story, which created an enriching depth absent in most current Disney movies. Plus there is a deeply spiritual aspect to the message about finding yourself and believing in yourself; regardless of what others say and/or believe about you. It’s a story about being true to whom you know you are in the center of your heart/soul and following that call from within. The music was outstanding as well. Even with the volcano “monster”; if your child can get through it without being frightened, there is a really big and important message there as well; about what happens when we lose our heart-center. Age 6+ Out March 10

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