Still Alice

By on February 15, 2017

With utmost grace and deep empathy, Moore delivers another sensitively sketched performance — this time of a woman on the verge of losing her memories and, in a way, her life. The role earned her the Best Actress award.

On this front alone, STILL ALICE is a beautiful tragedy to behold, Moore’s face and body the canvas for a haunting and oh-so-human tale. To watch Alice lose her grip on the life she has known is to experience her pain and suffering and confusion. With Moore as our proxy, raw and open, we’re with Alice on her perilous journey.

That said, the rest of the movie approaches the topic at somewhat of a remove. It lives in its head, not its heart. It’s possible this is purposeful: Alice and her family, especially John, appear to rely on their brilliant minds more than their emotions.

Still, the rest of the characters and their ensuing struggle with the diagnosis seem muted to the point of distraction. When Alice’s mind and body fail her, you expect them to crumble, too. Or at least undergo a revolution themselves, quiet as it may be. It’s a missed opportunity. Better to lock your gaze onto Moore, who carries the film impressively. Age 13+ Out Feb. 18

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