Trainwreck (2015)

By on February 15, 2017

A raunchy romantic comedy but at a gut level, it’s hard not to be truly disgusted at the behavior of this woman who clearly is an alcoholic with no self respect. The gags are there. There is some genuinely funny stuff but the character of Amy Schumer is genuinely unlikeable so to find a successful, sweet and seemingly grounded man falling head over heels for her seems to be a disconnect.

In the end, all is resolved and it leaves you uplifted but it wasn’t always a nice ride .to get there – an interesting character study, but not a great night’s entertainment. Her edgy, no-holds-barred humor is on full display here, so you can expect plenty of raucous, risque jokes and dialogue about work, family, sex, drinking, relationships, and gender norms.
Age 18+ Out March 4.

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