Float Over to Huis Ten Bosch As You Sleep

By on March 10, 2017

Over at Hollanda Mura or Huis Ten Bosch,  Japan’s Dutch Village and Theme Park in Nagasaki, a floating capsule that drifts along the surrounding scenic spots while you sleep, is the park’s newest attraction.

The two-level floating capsule which can accommodate up to four people includes a spherical structure as a bedroom on the upper area and a bathroom on the lower floor. Families will be able to enjoy a good view of the park through its glass windows.

There are so many events and added attractions happening this year at the  Dutch-themed park. The capsule experience should be one of the most fun thing to do for a family traveling to the island.  To rent a floating capsule costs between ¥30,000 – ¥40,000.

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