Beauty and the Beast 2017

By on April 12, 2017

Belle-obsessed fans young and old will love this Disney film. One of the best films in the animated Disney canon. Belle broke the traditional princess mold and is a great role model for kids, particularly girls. She’s intelligent, kind, and discerning enough to see beyond people’s exteriors to their hearts (though the Beast does repulse her at first). Her great relationship with her father is also one kids and parents would do well to observe and take to heart. As for the Beast, he provides great discussion fodder about how someone can change for the better, and how we can help people in our lives do that, even if they don’t seem likeable. Gaston, for his part, is definitely a villain, but he provides cautionary messages about pride, ego, and shallow-minded thinking. The youngest kids will probably be frightened by a mob scene, as well as the Beast’s early frequent roaring.  Gaston’s villain song takes place in a bar with the Disney-fied version of the beer and cleavage that entails (younger kids may notice and may not). One other caveat involves the administrator of the insane asylum; his very appearance, let alone his motives, are frightening, and kids may need reassurance he won’t harm Maurice or Belle. Otherwise, this enchanted castle is a great place to let the whole family visit. It’s a castle full of treasure. The film’s main message, “Beauty is found within,” still resonates with anyone as a universal truth.
Age 7+ Out in theatres April 21

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