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Tokyo isn’t short of fun programs for children if you know where to look.  Here are the best summer offerings from Tokyo’s top schools. Be sure to read each activity in order to make an informed decision.

Parents – before choosing a program best suited to your child,  here are a few tips you will want to think about:

❶   Get your child’s input.  Summer activities may be more meaningful for the child if he/she is interested in them.

❷   Too much technology and a sedentary lifestyle are a bad combination. Make sure the options you choose have active play and movement.

❸   If a child has a passion for, say, drama, languages or music, use the summer to bolster these skills, along with a sense of competence and identity.

❹   Find a way to plan ahead for them and to explore a balance between structured activities for your child alone, structured activities for your family together, and downtime for everyone.  So, out of ten weeks for example, a nice balance might be four to five weeks (spaced out may be best) of structured activities, interspersed with weeks that have less structure.

❺   Lastly, a summer program is about experiential learning.  Unfamiliar  surroundings and activities make for a more meaningful experience for the child. It is one of  the reasons Tokyo’s welcoming schools accept students from other schools.

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