Q. How do I remove ballpen marks off the wall?

By on April 12, 2017

Our child scribbled on the white walls of our bedroom while I was busy with the laundry. I’ve tried everything possible to scrub the ink off of our wallpaper but nothing seems to work. We’re moving out from our rented apartment in a month so the scribbles need to be gone soon if we want our deposit returned to us. Any suggestions?

Japan has this great solution designed to make ballpen marks go away. It’s called Ganji ink sho #800 (ink eraser) ballpen yo (for ballpens) available only at Amazon Japan (¥910). It comes in two small 20 ml bottles (in colorless and blue) of solution and a blotting paper.
First, brush the colorless liquid on the marks with the applicator. Blot excess liquid with the paper that came with the bottles. Then do it again this time with the blue solution. You will see the marks slowly fade away. If it won’t disappear completely, repeat the process until the marks are gone.

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