4 ways that enrich a couple’s relationship

By on May 31, 2017

Gary Chapman, speaker and author of best-selling book, The five love languages says getting creative with how you express love and appreciation to others can greatly improve relationships.

ACTS OF SERVICE.  Do meal prep for your partner to store in their fridge/freezer for when life gets busy. Leave a note on each meal reminding them how thankful you are for the countless meals they have made for you.

RECEIVING GIFTS  Getting mail is always fun! If you’re a baker or even just know how to put cookie dough in an oven, mail a box of homemade goodies to a college student or someone who is far away from home. They will appreciate the gesture AND the treat.

QUALITY TIME  Plan a surprise reunion with friends your spouse or fiancé hasn’t seen in a while. A night of quality time with so many people dear to you both will be a meaningful surprise.

PHYSICAL TOUCH  Make a goal to give two backrubs this week to your loved ones who might be extra stressed or worried this week. If quality time is a love language of theirs as well, you can speak both by listening to them talk about their day!

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