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By on May 15, 2017

“Hip parenting,” sounds like the biggest oxymoron ever uttered. TF ponders the problematic question: how to be a dedicated parent and still keep your ‘cool’.

Parenthood. It’s the most mind-blowing, life-defining yet achingly ordinary thing that ever ‘happens’ to a person. Who you are is the same and somehow vastly different. Style is no longer simply a vain question of “How do I present myself to the world?” It has become how do I represent myself to my child?”

The early days are simple – you wear your shell shock like a Prada handbag. Red-rimmed eyes tastefully accented by black rings are de rigueur. Smatterings of baby-barf elegantly accessorize the clothes that still fit. Time passes and what remains? Is ‘parent-you’ a watercolor version of an oil painting? Are you slipping reluctantly into the ranks of, ‘The Boring and Un-cool’? Alternatively are you spending inordinate amounts of time and money on emulating yummy mommy extraordinaire Gwen Stefani? Either end of the ‘extreme scale’ is limiting and exhausting – whether it’s soccer mum or rocker mum, the most important thing is that a happy and balanced parent means a happy and balanced child. The most important step to being a hip parent is “know thyself.” Take the time to re-connect.

Surveys show that a lot of kids are embarrassed by their folks a lot of the time – even the young ones. On a rushed school pick0up recently, my son ‘5) refused to kiss me declaring, “You’re not wearing your lipstick and eye-flashes (mascara)!” They DO notice. Parents’ top in-public-sins include: dancing and singing, kissing them, wearing dodgy clothes, giving un-cool lunchbox food (I remember soggy tomato sandwiches).

So here are a few balanced hip-parent hot tips on how to share their interests and not lose touch with your kid’s culture:

– Music: Keep it current. (Justin Be-what?)
– Technology: Have a cool mobile, computer and at least look like you know how to use them.
– Update your style: mechanic, professor or stay-at-home mum; don’t get stuck in a time warp.

Of course it doesn’t take designer clothes or the latest gadgets to be a good parent. Nobody is perfect – you can still be perfectly good.

HIP Example
Ask yourself what your values are and live them.

– Honesty: tell the truth, they know!
– Courage: dare to be different, love your life.
– Peace: compromise and respect the opinions of others. (My husband laughs.)
– Responsibility: resist blame and teach them to make their own choices.
– LOVE. Love yourself. Tell them they are loved. Spread it around!

“Don’t take too seriously all that the neighbors say. Don’t be over-awed by what the experts say. Don’t be afraid to trust your own common sense.” Dr. Spock (Baby and Childcare)

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