Eyebrow woes solved. This Japanese eyebrow tint is amazing.

By on May 28, 2017

One afternoon,  I picked my son up at school.

My 7-year old comes out of the gate, he giggles while gazing at me and says,  “Ew, mom, you look scary today.”

“Oh no!” I said to myself.  “I forgot to draw my eyebrows again because of too many errands to run,” I told my son.

I must admit, I have eyebrow woes. My brows are naturally sparse and light. Without a little definition, I look horrible.

For women, eyebrow is everything. The average mom I know spends about 7-10 minutes defining an eye brow.

But here’s a really cool product I recently discovered at Don Quixote that solved  my eyebrow problem. It’s called Eyebrow Tint (¥1,200).  It’s the no. 1 selling product of its kind that’s made in Japan. It comes in 4 shades to suit different types and works wonders for people who like a natural- looking brow.  The package says it’s a 1-day tattoo that will keep your brows neat for 24 hours. I gave it a try.

So what I did was to carefully apply the liquid formula on my brow line with the help of an eyebrow stencil and let the product sit for an hour.  It’s a rather thick formula designed not to drip easily. When it dried up, I peeled it off just like what the package says.  The result was amazing. My brows  looked naturally tinted the way I wanted to.

This Japanese product underpromised but overdelivered and lasted not just a day but a week, even with daily face wash. Eyebrow woes solved!

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