Japan’s next generation bicycle tires don’t need air

By on May 16, 2017

When conventional tires’ pressure drop after about a certain distance travelled, it is normal for bikes to become sluggish and less responsive.

The good news is with Bridgestone Cycle’s next generation ‘air-free’ nirinsha, (Japanese word for two-wheelers)  you may never have to pump in air on your bicycle tires again. Here’s why.

Bridgestone’s patented AirFreeConcept’s unique spoke structure has a cushion that needs no inflated tubes ordinarily used in conventional pneumatic tires. The spokes are made of flexible and durable recyclable resin and rubber designed to absorb and withstand impact and vibration as tire rolls on the ground.

To give users a wide choice in design, Bridgestone is also thinking of using different color spokes in front and rear tires.

The tire manufacturer will be holding the Bridgestone x Olympic x Paralympic a GO GO exhibition on June 4 in Yokohama where the the bicycles will be on display for the public to test ride. Input from people will help the company  tweak some features, if necessary, before the bicycles go on sale in 2019. http://agogo2020.bridgestone/

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