Nail Polish strips, a faster way to color your nails

By on May 17, 2017

When Korean opera singer Pha Park was in a bus to New York,  a lady applying nail polish in a taxi caught his attention.

“Why do women all over the world paint their nails with nail polish that takes time to dry?” wondered Park.

He thought of finding a better way to do it.  It didn’t take him long to figure out. He created INCOCO nail appliques or nail stickers in different designs and colors using 100% nail polish that need no drying time. These appliques last around 14 days.

INCOCO nail polish strips are sold online and at stores in the United States and one in Omotesando.   INCOCO hs 4 types of nail polish strips:  Clear, Color, Design, and French. (See the gallery)

For nail art enthusiasts, these strips need no brushes, dotting tools or crystals and glitters because INCOCO has dozens of  ready made designs to choose from.  Here’s how it’s applied.  (Read review by an INCOCO user.


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