Possibly contaminated plastic pieces found on Volvic pet bottles in Japan

By on May 2, 2017

Kirin Beverage announced that it is voluntarily recalling 3.7 million 500 ml- bottles of Volvic mineral water with expiry date on October 2019. 

The water in question was distributed across Japan except Okinawa and Kyushu.
The reason of the recall is because of a damaged plastic part (1 piece) found to have dropped into the bottle at the French factory’s bottle-filling machine.  We have confirmed that Polyethylene, the material used in pet bottles meets the safety standards used for foods and does not affect the content,” says Kirin in its May 2 announcement.

However, Kirin said  black plastic pieces floating on the liquid  when ingested could damage the oral cavity without the person drinking the water noticing it.  Kirin also said there has been no report of health damage to date.

The giant Japanese beverage company apologizes for causing inconvenience to consumers and promises that it will adopt counter measures in regard to quality control (at the factory) to prevent the same incident from happening again.


Source:  http://www.kirin.co.jp/company/news/2017/0502_01.html

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