Say Mother’s Day with a European style floral arrangement

By on May 11, 2017

May 14 is Mother’s Day.  What better way to say your appreciation and love for all the great things she’s been doing for the family than these mom-approved floral arrangements.  Order online and get them delivered.

I would like to say ‘ Thank you’
Jane Packer, Britain’s most successful modern florist and flower school, always strives to create something new at its shops whatever the occasion and Mother’s Day is no different. This year’s Mother’s Day theme is I would like to say ‘ Thank you’. Its beautiful arrangement of rose and berries  put together perfectly will light her face up. Their rose bouquet comes in a mix of pink, red and white and is wrapped in blue print paper. The Mother’s Day flowers is also available  in a stylish heart-shaped box that  is sure to bring cheer to Mom on Mother’s Day. This year, you can get them through Japanese florist Hibiya Kadan. Buy them here  (03) 5537-2980

So many unique arrangements to choose from!

Nicolai Bergmann Flowers and Design in posh Minami Aoyama is no ordinary florist – it is Tokyo’s premier florist that has set the bar high with its array of  bursting-with-bright-colours floral arrangements. Its unmistakable Scandinavian touch of artistry and attention to detail has won the hearts of Tokyo. These days, Nicolai Bergmann brings magic to many large exhibits and lavish events held in the city.  Their style is so uplifting any tired mom will only be happy to receive one from you.  Available online in small and large boxed flowers. Don’t worry about the price. They have budgets – from under ¥4,000 to  ¥40,000.

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